Filip Cherecheș-Toșa
Follower of Jesus, husband, father of three, builder

Creați pentru libertate

Am fost creați să trăim în libertate, dar ne-am închis singuri în sisteme și sisteme de sisteme și sisteme de sisteme de sisteme…

If you’re not allowed to implement new ideas, you stop having them. And vice versa: when you can do whatever you want, you have more ideas about what to do. So working for yourself makes your brain more powerful in the same way a low-restriction exhaust system makes an engine more powerful.

Mă bucură fiecare mail pe care-l primesc pentru [consultanță gratuită][1]—înseamnă că oamenii mișcă!

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Watching employees get transformed into founders makes it clear that the difference between the two is due mostly to environment—and in particular that the environment in big companies is toxic to programmers. In the first couple weeks of working on their own startup they seem to come to life, because finally they’re working the way people are meant to.

Fă o pauză de 15 minute și citește ultimul eseu al lui Paul Graham, [You weren’t meant to have a boss][2]. Refreshing!

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